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You relish the tales your belongings tell and delight in the unique aura they cast around you. If someone toured your home, they would encounter not just beautiful things but works of art. Not just function but ingenuity. And not just objects but stories. Youll find that magical spark in the clothing and objects in Anthropologies stores and catalogs. And in our staff, youll find friends who share your passion for exploring worlds other than our own. We carefully select and design our products with an eye for craftsmanship, the small details, and that certain something special that makes each item you find more than a novelty but a personal discovery.

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04/12/2014 Francisco Zau from Angola says: Customer Rating:
07/27/2012 Carole from Australia says: Customer Rating:
Cant seem to shop in this store... Site blocks some items...
02/17/2012 namiq sadigov from Azerbaijan says: Customer Rating:
03/08/2014 Blaise pascal Dongmo from Cameroon says: Customer Rating:
11/18/2014 erjona dervishi from Germany says: Customer Rating:
A very worthy store
12/24/2012 nil from India says: Customer Rating:
05/09/2013 Badriyah mosaed from Kuwait says: Customer Rating:
Love it
05/30/2012 Ahood from Kuwait says: Customer Rating:
11/21/2012 Fatma from Kuwait says: Customer Rating:
Nice store
05/08/2013 Aizhan from Kazakhstan says: Customer Rating:
I love



Tel: (800) 543-1039
1801 Walnut St Tel (USA): (800) 309-2500
Philadelphia, PA 19103-4727 Fax:
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Women's Apparel, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty


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